North to Alaska-The Wildlife

Hello Dear Reader,

Our Princess Alaska Cruise left from Vancouver and we visited 3 ports, Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway finishing in Whittier. It was truly a beautiful cruise, with fantastic weather the whole way. It was a 7 day cruise and it was plenty long enough, in fact it seemed to go on forever.

Lovely Hubby and I before boarding the beautiful Star Princess

One of the optional tours we booked from Ketchikan was the "Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Walk" which took us on a really gorgeous trek through a rainforest, with some sightings of Bald Head Eagles, Sea Otters with her babies and Salmon. The tour guide was knowledgable and passionate and you could see she loved her summer job. 

A fledgling Bald Eagle

An adult Bald Eagle

A mum Sea Otter and her babies

A rescued Bald Eagle

A rescued Owl

A cute little grey bird, I don't know what species it is

Bear claw marks on a tree

A Sea Otter-at sea, I took these photo from the ship when leaving Ketchikan

We had a few wildlife sightings, actually from the ship. On the way out of Glacier Bay, where we saw the magnificent Lamplugh Glacier, we came across some seals sun baking. They were making quite a racket and you could clearly make out the male with his adoring haram of girls surrounding his rock.

After the cruise we had a 7 days land tour with 2 nights at 3 different Wilderness lodges, all owned by Princess. The Wilderness lodges, in order, were Kenai, Copper River and Denali Wilderness lodges, all beautiful, comfy, clean and classy as you would expect from Princess. The final stay was two nights in Fairbanks River Lodge and we flew home from there, with two internal flights to Anchorage, Vancouver and then home. 

Below is my most favourite photo from our trip, it's a Black Bear, healthy and happy, but it isn't in the wild, this little black bear lives in a wilderness preserve, called"Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre" and it is where, once wild animals, can live out their lives in safety. This little black bear came here because someone had shot its mum, bears need 3 solid years of raising from their mums to be able to survive in the wild, so this little one was bought here to live. Yes, it's not the most natural way of life for these animals, but they are safe and well cared for. All profits are returned to the sanctuary to help with the upkeep. 

After the cruise our first Wilderness lodge was Kenai, where we spent 2 nights. I had booked a half day Salmon fishing trip which turned out to be disappointing. It was the only low light of the whole holiday. We had 7 other people doing the tour with us, that meant 2 fishing guides to 9 people which is just not enough. Add to the mix that our guide really couldn't have given a fig whether we caught a salmon or not and even refused to change fly and weight on the rod. The only good thing was we did get to see some of the magnificent Kenai River.

 The next day we decided to take a day off and just stayed around the lodge, we had a sleep in, ate a very late breakfast and then took a few walks around the nature trails near the lodge. Along the way we heard and saw a really cranky squirrel. 

A little squirrel doing it's thing

We saw this beautiful bird on our walk, I don't know the name of it, but I am pretty sure it was a mum, because it was acting as if it was wounded and was leading us down the track, probably away from her babies

The next lot of photos were taken in the Denali National Park, this park is so huge and protecting the environment and the animals that live there is of upmost importance. All these photos were taken from the bus (a school bus to be exact) that takes us 70 miles into the park. The bus just meanders along the road and stops whenever anyone see wildlife. It is exciting and amazing, these buses have been going into the national park for over 40 years so the animals are quite used to seeing these weird beige or green blobs coming and going through the park. We are encouraged to keep calm and quiet so not to disrupt the animals natural behaviour. The quality of the photos are not amazing as they were often taken with the zoom on the camera and often through the glass of the bus windows.

I hope I haven't overloaded you with wildlife but I do hope you enjoy this little peak into our holiday.

Have a lovely day.

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P.S. A lovely reader left a comment yesterday, but somehow I must have deleted it instead of publishing it, if your comment is missing, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to delete it. It was a lovely comment welcoming us home and also wanting to know more about our trip as she and her hubby were doing the same cruise soon. 


  1. Beautiful photos. That cruise is on my bucket list. We did a Canada driving holiday but didn't get to Alaska. Keep the photos coming:-)

  2. Lovely photos, Fiona! Heartening to read that there was a happy ending for the black bear cub you wrote about, that there is a place that offers wild creatures a chance to recover and to live out their days in safety. Meg:)

  3. How amazing to see so much wildlife. Those bears really get me though. Whoa they're big and seeing those claw marks up the tree shows just how strong they are.
    Thanks for sharing your photos I enjoyed seeing them as they're different and things we don't get to see really.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wildlife photos - bears and otters are amongst my favourites so I really loved seeing them. Looks like a great trip.

  5. More lovely photo's. I hear of overseas tourists who come to Australia and are terrified about our snakes and spiders. I for one am much more terrified of bears! Fancy going camping or trekking in the bush and encountering one of those!! Give me the Aussie bush and snakes ANY day!

    1. That is so true! Everyone that found out we were from Australia asked us about the poisonous spiders and snakes, but I feel your chances of escape are better with those than a big old angry bear or moose! So funny.
      Have a lovely day.


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