Sunday, 20 November 2016

How I manage my Menopause

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned before I am battling, big time, with my energy reserves, I have been for my 6 monthly appointment with my Hormonal Specialist, after having a blood test to see what my hormonal levels were like. My hormonal levels were out of whack again so he calculated, balanced and prescribed a new script for me. The compounding pharmacy that I go to, then made the bio-identical hormonal troche for me and I have just started taking it, so hopefully within a few days to a week I will feel better. I am hoping that it is my hormonal imbalance that is the problem because I am so over feeling tired from the moment I wake up until I fall into bed.

I started taking this bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy about three years ago and I haven't looked back, no more hot flushes, no more crazy outbursts of emotions, more energy and get up and go and best of all I sleep like a log each and every night. I went for years of not sleeping and it was tough. I would go to bed early in the hope of falling asleep, only to toss and turn and then wake at 1pm ( ALWAYS 1 pm!) and lie awake until I heard the birds of early morning. It was just awful, knowing that I would have to try and get through another work day with hardly any sleep!

This kind of HRT has been life changing for me and still regard having a good nights sleep as a very precious thing. In fact, I think I organise my whole day around getting into bed early, oh, I am so totally boring, aren't I? But if you have gone without sleep for a very long time, you will understand.

I learnt about this kind of HRT through my darling sister, she had been taking it for a while and was getting fantastic results from it. I sort of understood it but really didn't delve into it too deeply, in a way I didn't connect the sleeplessness to menopause, I just didn't think it had anything to do with it. Out of all the symptoms, this no sleeping business was just the worst for me, I could cope with the flaming hot flushes and the irritability but not having any sleep was ageing me dreadfully.

When I first went to Dr Holloway my levels were very low and he didn't know how I was functioning, and quite frankly, I wasn't, I was going through the motions of my day but seemed to be an observer and not participating in my life. Once a blood test is done to see exactly what your hormones are up to, the correct balance of hormones are prescribed for you, you take 1/4 of a troche, twice a day, its like being prescribed the missing pieces to your hormonal puzzle.
As the instructions say, you dissolve a 1/4 of a troche in-between your gum and your cheek twice a day. It slowly dissolves over an hour or so. You can get what ever flavour you like, I get peppermint.

As always, what is right for me, may not be right for you, I am simply writing about stuff that works for me. This definitely works for me, it has been life changing.

So, over to you, how do you manage your menopausal symptoms?

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  1. That is so fantastic that you've found something that works for you. I'm in that peri-menopausal stage...not quite full blown menopause, but at 40 (I'm now 44) my cycle went crazy...flooding crazy if you know what I mean. I chose an IUD which lasts 5 years, and is due to be changed next year. I haven't looked back. I never thought Id choose this option, but I really did not want a hysterectomy, which was the option I was staring at if the IUD failed. Having said all that I'm starting to get the odd hot flush...maybe once a month...and the odd sleepless night, and I have started to think about herbal supplements to support my body. All I know for sure is I do not want to go on HRT, so it's great to know there are other options.

  2. So how does HRT or alternative therapies work? Do you stay on them forever or slowly decrease the dose? I mean although I am sympathetic to your struggle a woman's body isn't ment to function forever on the same hormonal levels you had in your 20s or 30s. When does it come time to say no more replacement therapy and isn't it just delaying the inevitable symptoms that go along with it?

  3. Thank you for this option, I hadn't heard of it before. Time to visit my GP and ask. Guida.